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Long Bed 4X4 Crew Cab Pick Up Truck, One Ton

Our One Ton 4X4 Crew Cab Trucks come with automatic transmission and A/C. These trucks are four door and can seat six people. They are easy to drive, great for transporting a crew of workers and a load of material, and they come with a square receiver for towing. You will not be allowed into the county transfer stations to dump household waste without a coupon from the county. You can take it to the Kekaha landfill; as long as you are a resident and not working for a company, they will not charge you to unload. Be sure you have a copy of your rental agreement. These trucks are not allowed on any beaches and may not be used for any recreational off road use.

  • Full Day – $119.95
  • Week – $599.75
  • Month – $1,799.25