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Dump Truck, F450 4X4

Our 2016 4X4 Powerstroke Turbo Diesel 16500GVW dump truck will get the job done with style. With A/C, automatic transmission and all the bells and whistles that come with the 2016 model, you will be glad you chose this truck. You will not be allowed into the county transfer stations to dump household waste without a coupon from the county. You can take it to the Kekaha landfill; as long as you are a resident and not working for a company, they will not charge you to unload. Be sure you have a copy of your rental agreement. Use this truck to haul rock, gravel, sand or any other material for your project. Comes with a square receiver for towing. Our customers love this truck.

  • Half Day (4 hours) – $159.95
  • Full Day – $249.95
  • Week – $1,249.75
  • Month – $3,749.25